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We love to hear from you. We are available 7 days a week from dawn to dusk. Our all-exclusive Retail Store is open every day apart from public holidays from morning 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. For rentals, please check our rental page or contact us directly.
We are open all days of the year. We are always open to product sales. Our professional Surfing & Paddling School is open for all. We welcome beginners, intermediates and even professionals to approach us. Be it for a sport or as a pastime, you can attend our classes by booking an appointment in advance. Our School is open all around the year, except unfavorable conditions. We also offer private coaching and surf camps for all those who are interested.
You can also request a quote for your query through e-mail or phone. Prior intimation regarding off-seasons and days when surfing is prohibited will be made. Please check our website for regular updates.
Thus, if you have any question about our products, rentals or events then do not hesitate but feel free to give us a call or e-mail us with your queries. We welcome all surfing and paddling related questions and comments.

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